About me

On this first post I’ll try to tell you just a bit of how I end up here, in San Francisco. Starting from the beginning, I’m a brazilian graphic and interior designer living in the bay area for almost two years.
I’m originally from Sao Paulo where I used to run my own business called In House Design with two partners. Since my husband was transferred to SF I had to sell my part of the business and jump into a few months of endless vacation. After settled down I decided to go back to studies and took a couple of semesters of textile and print classes at Academy of Art. And guess what? That’s definitely my real passion. Since then, I’ve been creating patterns for fabrics, wallpapers or any surface applied to interiors.
I’ll be posting here some of the work I’ve been creating and stuff from people I admire and have been inspired by.

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    # by Anonymous - May 19, 2008 at 3:55 PM

    San, estou curtindo muito acompanhar o seu blog. Eu adoro o seu trabalho e as suas ideias me inspiram. Parabens e ... saudades! Selma