Colored rugs



Alternative ways to use stripes in your home.

The Crystal Candy Set

Limited edition for Baccarat crystals by Hayon Studio

100% organic

New bedding collection by Amy Butler.

Everything in life needs to change from time to time.

When your home or clothes seems to be a little old or you are not feeling comfortable with that as before, it means that it's time to try new stuff. Ok, I'm being a little too sensitive here just to tell you something that you may already noticed: my blog has a new theme. I decided to stick with the simple and clean look. Hope you all like it as I do.

In the meanwhile, check out the Deanne Cheuk's work. She's a "full hand artist" with an incredible diversified body of work including patterns, illustration, typography, products and so on. Very beautiful indeed.

Hand printed fabrics

Beautiful work by Carolyn Quartermaine.