Lala's Pequenos

So cute!!! Just bought one.

Lala's Pequenos

Picnic blankets

Twine Fabrics

Rachel Hoshino

What a beautiful work!

Rachel Hoshino


Converse by Chuck Taylor

Calvin Klein Home

Rug Collection

Casa Cor Trio 2009

This is just a sneak peak at Casa Cor Trio 09 where my dear friends from In House Design are participating. I loved everything I saw in their section. The fabrics, the colors, the furniture and even the accessories are simply gorgeous. They found an excellent place (sorry not to remember the name of the store) to buy antiques here in Sao Paulo.
If you happen to be around, you got to go check them. :-)

Tistu Studio

What a lovely work this candy studio has been doing!
I simply love these Christmas balls pictured bellow. Their work is so neat and the presentation fascinates anyone. Isn't it a great Christmas gift to a friend? I don't have enough information about the studio but I just know that they are from Sao Paulo, Brazil and their email in case you're interested, is:

Fabrix cases


Zillion caps

Zillion caps by david guarino


Who doesn't like a beautiful tableware to go with a dinner, lunch or even a brunch with friends?
Here it is a bunch of options that can easily impress anyone.

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