Yanko Design

Yanko Design is an excellent web magazine dedicated to industrial and interior design, technology, architecture, fashion and so on.
I found a lot of interesting projects on that website. One of them is the Karma Chair created by Jeffrey Wollenzien. The other one is the Dharma Lounge created by Palette Industries. Both are innovating ideas that probably won’t go unnoticed.
This online magazine is a great source to keep you in the know.

Dharma Chair

Karma Chair

Keep Calm

A few days ago I was zapping around some of my favorite websites and found out a poster that I fell in love when I first saw it on a friends house. Ok, the poster has nothing about new, in fact its history comes from 1939. The “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster has such an interesting history about how it was created. At that time, during the Second World War, the British Government’s Ministry of Information were responsible for creating posters that were intended to offer the public security in the dark days of the attacks and invasion that they would suffer. The “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster was never officially published, but nowadays they became a trend. You can spot those posters everywhere from Shabby Chic store to Etsy.
Last week my friend came with a special gift for me, and guess what? I now own a Keep Calm poster! It’s definitely a special gift since she is moving out of the country and it will be a good way to remember her.

HZL by Henzel

Henzel has a line of artistic rugs that works just as a piece of art that would bring a special touch to any space from a store or office to a family room. Check it out!

Miscellaneous that I love

Love how Chair Couture dares on their product design

Love the printed fabrics from Kenzo

Love the wallpapers from Ferm Living

Love the colorful stuff from Garimpo + Fuxique

Love the neat technology from Rapoxy to use wallpaper on the floor

Love the mobiles from Ige

Love the Tord Boontje flowers

Love these intricately cut felt surfaces from Selina Rose

Love the printed table linens from Etoile

Love the printed dresses from Diane Von Furstenberg

Jenna Lyons baby's room

The home of J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons is showed at the November edition of Domino Magazine. I’d like to talk about her baby’s room because it’s a good example for people that don’t really like traditional pink and blue baby style and want to do something more grown up.
To be honest, I love the result of the yellow stripes on the ceiling and the contrast with the dark wall. The crib, dresser and accessories choice were perfect to give an interesting and elegant mood to this bedroom. You can find more pictures of her place at this month’s Domino Magazine.