Organic shapes

Recently I received by email a very unexpected and surprising architecture project created by Ivo Mareines and Rafael Patalano, both Brazilians architects. The house is in Mombaça beach, Angra dos Reis – Rio de Janeiro, which in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.
It’s a contextual project that wouldn’t work in a lot of places for sure. They were spot on taking the risk to build such a different architecture in a beach place. The view and the material choice are impressive.
Another project that I related right away was the Antibodi Chair from Moroso created by Patricia Urquiola. The fabric is sewn in triangular shapes creating organic patterns.
The materials (wool, leather and felt) create petals shapes that can be facing upwards or downwards giving a different look to the chair.

Floral wall

I have some friends that moved to a house in North Berkeley, California and wanted to create something different at their living room wall. The challenge was to come up with something inexpensive to a rented house. As they both have such an artistic talent it wasn’t that hard. So they spent 3 days painting the entire wall in freehand style and the result was amazing. Excellent job guys!:-)

Luxury and love

Last week I read on Décor8 about The London Cushion Company and found some interesting pillows in their website. The store has exclusive products and it’s the perfect place to find stylish and unique gifts. I particularly love the white velvet pillows. So girly!

Maria Brigadeiro

I usually don’t write about food here but when I saw Maria Brigadeiro’s website I fell in love with their packaging ideas. Might not be that interesting for most of you that aren’t born or grew up in Brazil. So easy to cook, brigadeiro is a famous and traditional Brazilian candy that is part of people’s childhood.
Maria Brigadeiro did a wonderful job renovating the tradition, turning it into a so chic candy mixed with other hi-end ingredients.
I wish I was able to find more pictures of packaging to share with you all.


I was browsing through some of Bertolucci lamps and picked a few ones that I liked the most. Most of them are printed and colorful. The one with crochet finishing reminds me Brazilian art and looks gorgeous.

Adriana Barra & Mi Casa

This month Adriana Barra and Mi Casa launched their new collection with new patterned furniture, all new fabrics and a mini-refrigerator with a printed surface. My word is amazing and damn expensive!

Textile art


Tamar Mogendorff


viver bem

viver bem

These pictures are great reference for people that are not afraid to mix colors. It’s always better to start with a neutral background and then you add the accents. I like the mix of printed fabric on the chair and love the patchwork stool. They give personality to the space.


I would love to have all these handmade chocolates from Mast Brothers just to use as decoration elements! I don’t even know if they taste good (must be, right?), but I’m pretty sure that the vintage and patterned packaging looks amazing.

Spanish Tiles

First of all, I'm finally back! I had a wonderful vacation with my family and friends back in Brazil and at the same day I headed to SF I found in Cottage Living Magazine an inspiring Spanish style house that I completely fell in love with. The tiles they used in the kitchen, entry and upstairs hallway are amazing. Their colors are so chic and also bring coziness to the house. Check Cottage Living website. They have a video explanation of the project and you can check the others rooms of the house.