Circus Collection

Here is one more collection that I worked on a few months ago. This print was created for a baby bed linen. It’s a fun and delicate print that brings a light atmosphere to the baby’s room.
I truly believe that faded and light colors work perfectly with baby rooms instead of a bright palette that goes better with a kid’s room. As babies grow they should be surrounded by color stimulus that helps the learning curve.


In my second challenge on wrapping stuff, I decided to dare a little more by covering a chair. So I went to Discount Fabrics store and bought a black and white fabric for upholstery. And that was a sort of problem on the assembly process. This fabric has a double face structure what made the work really tough when gluing, especially with details.
With the fabric ready I went to Ikea and bought a simple classic wood chair. I thought the whole thing would be easier, but it took way more time than I expected.

Designers Guild

It’s a British company manufacturing furnishing fabrics, wallpapers, bed & bath, furniture, fragrance and home accessories. Their products are sold in many countries and they have an exquisite work with rich colors and unique prints. It’s definitely a work to be inspired!
To learn more about their work go to

From a baby to a little kid


This is an In House Design (link to come) baby room project done almost 3 years ago, when I was still working there. Now the baby has grown up and the mom decided to make some changes, but she didn’t want to get rid of all the furniture and bed linen. The makeover was fantastic and the room is so gracious for a little one.



Some days ago I came up with this idea of wrapping objects with fabric. Yesterday was my first challenge. A portrait.
So I went to Discount Fabrics and picked a cheap floral linen fabric and bought a simple wood frame from Ikea. I really think that looks pretty cute. What do you think?

Mari Matsumoto and Kyung Min Kim

In 2006 Mari Matsumoto and Kyung Min Kim graduated in Fashion Design at Academy of Art. Last year, when I’ve started taking classes at the same building, I saw some boards of their work on the hallway and it caught my eyes. I absolutely loved the prints and the clothes. So feminine and chic!

Adriana Barra

The image on the last post has some chairs covered with Adriana Barra prints. Adriana is a Brazilian fashion designer with a unique body of work that created an exclusive upholstery collection to Mi Casa.
Ok, that’s not new but you must check it out. Her prints are incredibly memorable.

Saudade! (I miss Brazil!)

Saudade is a word that only exists in portuguese. It’s hard to translate but is basically the feeling of missing someone or something so bad.
I had an English teacher in San Francisco that always asked me to talk about the word “saudade”. Today, I can tell you that I have a lot of this feeling about my family, my friends, some kinds of food, some places, the hot weather and believe me or not, my work.
You can check below some of the beautiful stuff that my friends at In House Design has been doing back in Brazil.

About me

On this first post I’ll try to tell you just a bit of how I end up here, in San Francisco. Starting from the beginning, I’m a brazilian graphic and interior designer living in the bay area for almost two years.
I’m originally from Sao Paulo where I used to run my own business called In House Design with two partners. Since my husband was transferred to SF I had to sell my part of the business and jump into a few months of endless vacation. After settled down I decided to go back to studies and took a couple of semesters of textile and print classes at Academy of Art. And guess what? That’s definitely my real passion. Since then, I’ve been creating patterns for fabrics, wallpapers or any surface applied to interiors.
I’ll be posting here some of the work I’ve been creating and stuff from people I admire and have been inspired by.