Prince Chair

Look at this chair, isn’t it amazing?
The Prince Chair was created in 2002 by Louise Campbell and produced by a Danish company called Hay.
The chair is produced using high technology methods. The metal frame has a black powder coated finishing and the steel seat comes with a neoprene soft rubber and felt. The chair illustrates a motif resembling fine old lace.

SP Fashion Week Summer 2009

It’s finished the fashion week show where talented designers presented their 2009 summer collections. I picked a few examples based on color palette and printed fabrics to show you all.

Pedro Lourenço

I’m not sure if I could wear this on the streets but it’s definitely an amazing design. Some of the fabrics were hand cut to mimic the shape of a bird feather. The result is impressively organic.

Dudu Bertholini and Rita Camparato are always creating a memorable collection with colorful prints.
For this year’s collection they presented geometric patterns combined with vivid colors with ethnics inspirations. Perfect fit for the Brazilian summer.


The elements of the sea and Atlantida were the inspiration for this collection. The blue tones in this dress are so elegant and fresh.


This collection is inspired in North American Indians and Mexico culture.
Again, Dudu Bertholini and Rita Camparato, designers responsible for Cori, chose a beautiful print for these dresses. It’s definitely a dress that I would buy!


Agua de Coco:
I simply love these prints. They are chic, glamorous, elegant. I specially like the stripes one (stripes are one of my passion and it’s something that goes with everything).


Inspired in a typical Brazilian summer rainy day.
Some of the clothes were created using e-fabrics (ecologic fabrics) with a neutral and less vibrant color palette.


Fashion Week

I’m not a fashion designer, neither someone that has background enough to judge all this new trendy stuff from fashion shows but I’m that one that loves to watch and follow every single collection that hits the catwalk.
Last week was the start of the fashion season in Brazil where many international known fashion designers show their new collection to the public.
Today I selected two designers that presented an outstanding work this year. The first one is Tufi Duek, responsible for creating the collection for Forum on Sao Paulo Fashion Week. His summer collection was based in a place called ‘Lençóis Maranhenses’, a paradisiacal place in the north side of Brazil. The result was very chic and minimalistic. I love the color palette he picked, specially the blue print. I’d love to have some of those wonderful dresses.


The other is Lenny, a designer known by creating sophisticated beachwear that presented their work on Fashion Rio. This year theme was above my expectation as usual. The collection was named ‘From the deep sea to sand’ and promises to transform every common woman into a chic and elegant one.



Who doesn’t like to spend time window-shopping at Anthropologie?
I can spend a considerable amount of time browsing in their website, but what I love the most is to drop by sometimes.
They have beautiful stuff from furniture and jewelry to clothes and accessories. Something that always impressed me is how they use vintage furniture to help sell the store style. The fact is that in an apartment project antique pieces of furniture covered with contemporary patterns make any interior project memorable. It usually draws attention to that corner, giving a huge amount of personality to the space.
Above are some of the findings I picked from their website.

I have a collection!

One portrait and a chair were not enough to stop me covering objects with fabrics.
This time I spent two days wrapping two more portraits, two mirrors and a wood box. I picked some fabrics that I already had (all of them are from Discount Fabrics) and some objects that I bought at the same store I got the first one: Ikea.
The only object left is a small bench that I’m saving for later. Those are a little bit complex than the portraits and need much more attention to details. I should stop doing this wrapping stuff just for fun and turn it into a job. ☺

Amy Butler

This is another artist that I’ve been admiring since I moved to SF and got to know her work. Amy Butler is a textile designer that runs her own studio in Ohio. The colorful patterns that she has been creating for fashion and home decor projects are inspiring. Check out some of her sewing products or check her website and learn more information about her work.

Small place

This is a new project from In House Design that I fell in love. It’s a small apartment for a single woman.
The few elements and perfect furniture makes the apartment so clean and chic avoiding clusters of personal stuff around the living room.
The place looks so spacious with the light color palette that was chosen for the furniture and drapery. On the other hand the wood tone keep it warm and cozy.
Check it out!