Brazil, here I come!

It's time to go home after 3 years living in San Francisco with my husband. We had a wonderful time here, we made lifetime friends and certainly we'll leave our hearts in the City!
It's challenging to leave this place but we're really excited to be close to the family again and of course not to mention the nicest weather in the world.
I'm moving in a few weeks, so my life is getting insane right now. I'll probably be absent for a while, but I promise I'll be back again with a lot of news.
In the meanwhile if I have some spare time to post something interesting, I will.

And talking about Brazil, here are some pictures with a typical Brazilian cotton fabric called 'Chita'. It's a very cheap fabric, known by colorful bold flowers that's usually applied at outside areas. It's definitely a good way to bring the tropical fun to your house.

Casa e Jardim

Marcela Pepe

Marcela Pepe is a Brazilian friend of mine who own a textile atelier in Sao Paulo, Brazil and just launched a new blog to show you guys her work and stuff that inspire her. Worth the visit!

wallpapered furniture

Bryonie Porter

So cute!

Mibo Studio