Yes, I’m alive!

I know it’s been long time I haven’t post anything here, but I have a good reason for that.
The last 10 months were a bit rough and challenging. I got pregnant, we moved back to Brazil, baby was born, wasn’t sleeping for a while… so there wasn’t a lot of time to dedicate around here.
Now, Luca is almost 5 mo and my life is starting to get back on track again. Since work is getting back too I decided to give to this blog a new reason why: to help spread the word about the products and textiles I’ve been producing. And for that matter another spin here: I’ll be writing in Portuguese, my native language. Sorry for the inconvenience that may cause for english speakers, but I must focus in a local market for now.
You may see a lot less posts from now on just because my work life might get busier. Hope you stay around and keep following my work.

Ah, here’s a sneak peak of some of my latest fabrics: