Happy 2009!

Hi everyone! I’m back from a great vacation in Brazil where I spent quality time with my family and friends in a beautiful beach and hot weather. The difficult part was to come back to San Francisco and feel the cold breeze in the city. But the good part is that it’s time to have fun at the mountains snowboarding!
So, back in Brazil I was able to read a lot of local design magazines and for my surprise some of the work I did in the past with my former partner from In House Design got published in one of the most famous interior design magazine from Brazil. Yay! It’s always good to see our name in a good magazine, don’t you think?
Reading those articles I chose some pictures and works of people that caught my eyes to start posting in 2009.
Happy New Year for all of us!

bathroom created by In House Design
Casa Claudia magazine

Guilherme Torres with his huge pieces of art. Love the yellow dining table.

Color inspirations by Casa e Jardim magazine

Different styles of candle holders by Casa e Jardim magazine


With an old wallpaper catalog you can transform a simple white wall in a remarkable and colorful one. The creative mind behind it is Ana Strumpf from Garimpo+Fuxique. You just need to have good taste to make the mix and have fun!

Another simple and interesting idea is to transform a spoon or fork into hangers. The tip is to use silverware, that’s flexible and easy to bend, looks good and give a lot of charm to the final piece. I should try this someday.

What about cover an old bench with fabric or renovate a bookcase with bright color paint and stickers?